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Intro to The Lady's Magazine 

and Derwent Priory, Or Memoirs of an Orphan, in a Series of Letters by Mrs A. Kendall, from the Lady's Magazine of 1796 -97

Narrated by Deborah Greenfield

  • Derwent Priory - Episode One: Lady Laura and party journey to the old family seat to discover some worrisome changes...

Notes on some of the Principal Persons, their Titles and Connections:

  • Lady Laura Merioneth - daughter of deceased Earl Derwent, niece to Mrs Merioneth and the current Earl Derwent (N.B. the family name is Merioneth while the title name is Derwent.)
  • Miss Jane Lumley - Laura's friend and correspondent
  • Mrs Merioneth - aunt to Laura, sister of the current earl
  • Mrs Maynard - a widowed friend
  • Lord Albert Merioneth - Laura's cousin, son of current Earl Derwent. Will inherit the Derwent title from his father
  • Lord Earl Derwent - father of Albert, brother of the late Earl Derwent, Laura's father, from whom he inherited the Derwent title and family seat at Derwent Priory, after the death of his brother's infant son and heir. Usually at this time, only a male heir could inherit titles and family property, so failing a son, they would go to the next male in line, as in this case, the late earl's brother.
  • Lady Countess Derwent - wife of the current Earl Derwent, mother of Albert and Julia
  • Lady Julia - daughter of the Lord and Lady Derwent and sister of Albert
  • Ellen Rutland - a young lady under the protection of Lady Derwent
  • Mr Dawson - Derwent Priory house steward

Some antiquated words: An Abigail - a lady's maid, Prolixity - long windedness, To congee - to bow to, Arrogate - to take upon oneself

Derwent Priory music: O Tell Me How to Woo Thee, A Scottish Ballad Composed by Wm. Shield, musician in ordinary to his majesty, printed in the The Lady's Magazine Vol XXXV of the year 1804. Performed by Daniel Barbenel www.mrdiagonal.com

For more on the Lady's Magazine see the extensive research blog led by Dr Jennie Batchelor at the University of Kent.


  • INTRO: 0.00 - 3.35
  • DERWENT PRIORY: 3.35 - 35.38
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